Sunday, September 26, 2010



One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is the candy aisle at Walgreens. On one visit, I found this cute little Dracula Pez Dispenser. First thing that came to my head was that he needed a coffin. When I got home, I designed a coffin just for him. Being happy with the finished product, I  decided to create a tutorial and the link to my templates. If you pass this tutorial on...please link it to my blog. Thanks! 
Step #1
2 sheets of black cardstock
Pez Holder
white ink
(I used one from a set by Shirley's 2 get these 4 images for just $3.00! 
Don't forget digi images can be sized to suit your needs.)
scoring tool
sponge or dauber
Step #2
Print coffin templates on the black cardstock.
When you go to the template link, you'll want to select print. Don't use a shortcut print key. It should open as a PDF file. Make sure that the scaling option is on NONE. If you don't, the little Pez dispenser won't fit.
Cut out.
Score the dotted lines.
Cut on the solid dark black lines.
Step #3
Use the white ink and daub around the edges.
Add adhesive to the triangle pieces.

Create your embellishments
 Step #4
Add embellishments.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Digital Embossing? Now You Can with S2G!

Ever see a cute digi stamp and say, "Oh if only I could emboss it,"? Having embossing withdrawal now that you switched to digi stamps? Well, help is here, because today I am going to show you how to emboss digital stamps! You will need:

One piece of copy paper folded in half, Wet Looks Embossing Markers, clear embossing powder, a heat gun, and a digital stamp. I chose S2G's #606-SHEEP.

                         Place the digi on top of the folded copy paper.

Trace over small sections of the digital image with a Wet Looks Embossing pen.

Pour some clear embossing powder into the lid of the container.

Sprinkle embossing powder over the part of the image that was just traced.

Gently tap the edge of the card, allowing the excess powder to fall on the copy paper.

Continue tracing small areas, applying embossing powder, and shaking off the excess until the card is embossed in the desired amount.

This is what the image looked like when it was covered in embossing powder. The line that the pencil is touching was not embossed.

When all desired areas have been covered in embossing powder, hold the paper so that the excess powder collects in the center on the fold.

Having folded the paper at the beginning of the process makes it so easy to pour the excess embossing powder back into the container when finished.

Now for the actual embossing. Hold the heat gun approximately six inches from the image, and using a circular motion, heat the image until it has a glossy finish. The part of the image that looks powdery has not yet been heated.

Here is a close up of the embossed image after it has been heated.

If you want to add more, it's not too late! I colored in the wool around the sheep's head, added more embossing powder, and heated it.

After embossing, I colored some areas with Copic Markers, and filled in the rest with "Fluff" mixed with glitter. Next time you want to emboss, try this technique! You'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

 Tutorial on downloading, printing, 
resizing your digital images!
After you've made your payment, you will automatically be directed to a page where you can download your digital stamp immediately.  If you experience a problem... email us, & we will mail them directly to you.  In this case... the digital stamp is delivered as an attachment to the email.
Downloading & Saving Digital Images 
1.  When payment is received  you are directed to the download page 
2.  Click on the download  and a  File Download box will open
3.  Click the Save button
4.  A 'Save As' box will open
5 . Click on Desktop icon  (to the left of your screen)
6.  Click on Create New Folder (small icon on the top) give file name: ie: S2G Files 
7.  Now click on the file you just created. (S2G Files)
8 . Click Save and your digi is now on your computer.
9.  Click this box closed. 
If the file you have downloaded is a ZIP file. (a compressed file) 
Follow this procedure.Using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can just double click  on the  downloaded ZIP file. When the folder opens, click on "Extract all files". This will place a new folder containing the digital stamps in the same location as the ZIP file was.  The files have now been extracted (or separated) from the ZIP file & are ready for use.
        ***Please note that there are time limits 
that affect how long the download link will be available to you.  Our digital stamps show the expiration date and there are 3 downloads.  Again, if something doesn't work, email us & we will take care of it.
Archiving Digital Stamps
A good habit to get into is to save all of your stamps into an archive (permanent place, ie:S2G file) as soon as you download them and only ever work on copies of files from this archive.  You should also look at using a method of backing up newly downloaded stamps immediately, perhaps onto a CD, or USB pen drive. This means that your original files will always be protected and can be used and reused over and over again, and your digital stamps will never be at risk from loss should you experience a problem with your computer.
Printing Digitals
There are several programs that will let you open
& print digital stamps.  You just have to figure out
what program you have on your computer.
We recommend using Microsoft Word
(To check if you have Microsoft Word.)
1.  Click - Start (bottom left)
2.  Click - All Programs 
3.  Click - Microsoft Office folder
4.  Click on MicroSoft Word and the program will open 
If you don't have MicroSoft Word,  then maybe you have Microsoft Works.  Using MicroSoft Word and MicroSsoft Works are very similar.
Open & Print digi file using MicroSoft Word
1.  Open MS Word and you will have a blank document.
2.  Click - INSERT 
     Click - PICTURE
     Click - FROM FILE - INSERT PICTURE box will open
3.  Click the DESKTOP icon (to the left) 
4.  Double-click the S2G FILE or name you gave digi file you created.
5.  Your image list will show up, double-click the digi you want to print.                      
6.  Now digi image is in the document.
7.  Load CARDSTOCK in your printer
8.  Click PRINT and Voila. . .you have your image.
 (We use a 60#, 100 brightness, paper from International Paper called Hammermill Color Copy Cover.  It's reasonably priced and works great.  Whisper White is NOT recommended, because the coating will cause the ink to smear.) 
RESIZE an image using MicroSoft Word
 1.  Right click on image, then click & drag to the size you want.
 2.  Make sure you drag from the corners or you will distort the image!
Download & Print using...PAINT (standard with Windows)
 1. Click - Start 
     Click - All Programs 
     Click - Accessories 
     Click - Paint
 2. Click   on - FILE and then OPEN
 3. Click on DESKTOP (on left of screen)
              then double-click on folder you  created (S2G Digis) 
 4.  Click on the digi stamp you want to print,  then click open.
 5.  Your image will open.
 6.  Click - FILE, then PRINT 
 To PRINT at the top left of the paper (to save paper)
 1.  Click on the FILE menu & then PAGE SETUP
 2  Un-check Horizontal & Vertical boxes under CENTERING
 3.   Close the Page Setup box 
 4.   Click - FILE   Click- PRINT & you have your image.
Coloring Digital Stamped Images
1.  When digital stamps have been printed from a computer they can be colored
in the same way as traditional stamped images.
2.  One limitation is that the images will be printed using normal printer ink
& not a specialist rubber stamping ink. 
3.  There may be issues with the ink running if a wet coloring method is used.
4.  It is possible to heat set printer ink using a heat tool to reduce the 
likelihood of this happening. Pens, pencils & paints are all suitable for using 
with printed digital stamps.
Special Effects 
Because digital stamps are printed from a printer & not stamped with inks, 
special effects that are made using these inks are difficult to achieve.
Techniques such as heat embossing or other techniques that require materials 
to be applied to the ink are difficult to achieve. This does not mean that they are impossible, however, as the outline of an image can be traced using an embossing
ink pen & the image finished as normal.  The key to the successful heat embossing 
of digital stamp images is speed. Therefore get everything ready before starting 
to print, even get the lid off the embossing powder jar!  Heat embossing digital images helps to give a hand stamped look to the finished item.  As the image is printed & not physically stamped, the embossing powders need to be added when the printer ink 
is still wet.  As printer ink dries almost instantly on porous paper, heat embossing 
only works on non-porous paper such as glossy printer paper. vellum or other shiny surfaces.
Quickie Tips for Embossing Digital Stamps            
          * Use glossy or non porous paper
          * Act fast!
          * Be prepared to experiment (printers, inks & even the
             climate can effect the time it takes ink to dry)
          * Make sure that the ink is as wet as possible
          * Stand by the printer & pour the embossing powder
             on as the paper comes out of the printer.               

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Halloween Treat Box Tutorial 

by Georgia

I created this tutorial on how to make a treat holder. I used a Halloween theme with a 
Shirley's 2 Girls Digi as a tag. They are fun and easy to make!

Halloween Treat Holder
Step 1: Materials
    1- 7 ½ in x 7 ½ in cardstock or heavy DP
    4-  2 ¼ in x 2 ¼ in DP
    18 inches of ribbon
    Stamp of choice (I used an S2G image)  for tag
    Materials to make tag
    Eyelets optional
Step 2: Score lines on 7 ½ in x 7 ½ in cardstock or heavy DP at 2 ½ in and 5 in. Rotate 90 degrees. Repeat. Crease all of the scored lines.
Step 3: Crease corner pieces on the diagonal
Step 4: Cut  4-  2 ¼ in x 2 ¼ in  on the diagonal to make triangles
Step 5: Adhere triangles to outside of the box.
Step 6: Hole punch corners (adding eyelets is optional)
Step 6: Thread Ribbon
Step 7: Create and add tag
Step 8: Fill with goodies

Saturday, August 28, 2010


  Easy Peasy Box Tutorial by Georgia!

This tutorial will show the basics of making a simple box bottom. From there, the sky’s the limit! For example, you can make a lid for the top just by cutting a square 1/16 of an inch larger than the first one. You can also adjust the length, width, and height of your box. You have complete control!
This tutorial makes a 3  x 3 x3 box (inches)
9 x 9 square DP cardstock
1- 1/2inch x 14 inches coordinated strip for the top border. Mount this on a 7/8 x 14 1/2 inch strip
Handle- 1/2 inch x 9 inches
Mount handle with a contrasting piece of card stock
2 brads
digi stamps for embellishments
I used the adorable S2G digi stamps for this project
double sided tape (scor pal tape)
hole punch
scor pal
bone folder
Step 1: Score at 3 and 6 inches
Rotate paper 90 degrees and repeat
(You now have a tic tac toe board)
crease scored lines with bone folder
Step 2: At each corner square, draw a line on the diagonal.
Note  the cutting lines marked on the top right square
Step 3: Cut along the above mentioned lines in each corner piece.
Step 4: Add tape. Notice you are actually adding the tape to the outside of each corner triangle.
Step 5: Peel away tape  (one triangle at a time ) and adhere to inside of  the box. Almost finished!
Step 6: Add border and handle

Another box using the same base. Made a second box 1/16 inch larger for lid .I used nesties to cut shapes for  base and lid. Sandwiched the ribbon between lid and nestie shape.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tutorial "How to Place a S2G Digi on a Candle"

Ever see a cute digi image and think, "If I could only put it on a candle, it would make the perfect gift!" Well, I'm going to show you how!

You will need: 1 piece of regular copy paper, tissue paper, waxed paper, scissors, a glue tape runner, a white candle, a heat gun, and a S2G image that you have colored.

GENTLY roll dabs of glue dots around the two sides and the bottom of the copy paper. You do not have to place any glue dots at the top. Cut a piece of tissue paper that is slightly smaller than the copy paper and carefully place on top of the copy paper. Keep the tissue as wrinkle free as possible and smooth it on to the paper. The glue will hold the tissue paper in place so you can print on it without it getting stuck inside of your printer.

Scan your colored image and save it to a program. Choose a size for your image that will fit on the candle. I chose a wallet size and "shrink to fit" feature for the sunflower.

Place your paper in the printer, tissue side up. Be sure that the bottom of the paper that was glued, feeds through first. Then print.

After your image has printed, cut it out leaving a small border around the image. Cut through both layers. You do not need to remove the tissue from the copy paper before cutting.

Now you can remove the tissue from the copy paper. Remove it slowly, as some of the ink may have soaked through, and you don't want it to tear. You can see that some of the ink soaked through on mine.
Place the tissue image on your candle. Press it on gently and it should stay.

Cut a strip of wax paper that is a little taller than your image, and long enough to wrap around the candle. In the above picture, I am holding both ends of the wax paper, and the candle is in the middle.

Now for the fun part! Using a circular motion, blow hot air from the heat gun over the wax paper and the image. I started on the right side, If you look closely you will see that the upper right hand side facing you, is darker than the rest of the image. That is because the wax from the wax paper has melted on to the tissue paper, and the image is now adhered to the candle. Continue using a circular motion until the entire image is "melted" into the candle. The tissue paper just seems to disappear!

Remove the wax paper and you have a lovely candle!  You can "dress it up" a little if you wish, by adding a few Stickles.
Next time you need a WOW inexpensive gift, try making a digi candle. The person who receives it will be amazed at your creativity! Stop by the S2G Shop to find the sunflower digi and many more! The BOGO Clear Stamp Sale is in progress now! You don't want to miss it!